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The Fort Nelson Heritage Museum has a number of collections. The theme of our museum is "Transportation" because the collection that started it all was an antique car and truck collection started by Marl Brown. Marl has become one of Fort Nelson's most identifiable and beloved citizens. Since his retirement he has taken on the role of curator of the museum, for the most part a volunteer role.

Vintage Truck

The collections now consist of more than just antique cars and trucks. Hundreds of license plates donated by locals, travelers, truckers and from "junkers" adorn the walls in the car display building. Antique heavy equipment primarily used in the building of the Alcan Highway is an ever increasing collection.

The museum grounds provide space to display historic buildings and artifacts. Whether they be log cabins, an old Northwestel building used for local telephone operators, a turn of the 20th century Hudson's Bay factors house or diesel generators used to power the towns first electrical service, there is a place for them on the grounds. There is even an old derrick used for the drilling of oil and gas wells in the "patch".

The main building for the museum also houses smaller collections. From mineral samples to antique hand tools to stuffed animals and many more. The collection even includes a stuffed albino moose. Come see it! It's fantastic!

The museum grounds also include monuments and memorials to the men and women who built the Alcan Highway and details the hardships they faced.

Come and see our collections. View a war-time film about the building of the Alcan Highway, or take a stroll throughout the museum grounds!






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